Service Sunday

I went into medicine to help others. But being a doctor is not a pre-condition to be helpful. I am elated to see that my current and potential friends are reaching out to me for my opinions on their projects or personal development. To make it part of my life, I will set aside some time on Sunday to focus on helping others.

If my skills could be useful to you, drop me an email at timingliu[at]protonmail[dot]com with the subject: Service Sunday (symbols translated to English to avoid spammers). I will build a running to-do list and help as much as I can. Undone tasks will be attended to in the subsequent weeks. If you are here because you messaged me via other means, rest assured that your request will be taken care of, too.

Do note that because everyone only has 24 hours a day, I will prioritise services of the following nature:

  1. scalable (e.g. if you are asking for advice, can I write a blog post about it so that everyone can benefit)
  2. atomic (i.e. small, well-defined but impactful)
  3. reproducible: (i.e. can my services be passed on to help more people. The simplest thing to do is to let me know if you are keen to set up a similar scheme to help others)
  4. well-researched (there are so many information out there, so if the answer can be obtained from other sources (who are probably more authoritative than me), go for it)

At the moment I will set aside one hour on Sunday to serve others and will adjust if needed. This also helps me to better focus during the week to become the more reliable and competent friend that you are looking for. Please let me know how I can help you.

Did I forget anything? Oh yes. Charge. That is straightforward: you pay a flat fee of 0.

- Service with honour1

What I can and can’t do

Examples of services:

  • evaluation of ideas
  • advice for personal development

What I (probably) can’t do within that time:

  • coding for a project
    • My plate is full currently, but feel free to email me anyways. I might happen to be free then or I might introduce someone to you.

  1. that is my high school motto, by the way.↩︎


Personalizing medicine: just personal, nothing business

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