Possible futures

Instead of one single mission, I would like to think of my “passions” as many possible futures that I want to live in. Here is a list of them:

  • Digital Healthcare architect
    • Building a data-driven healthcare system integrating multi-omic, clinical, and lifestyle data, in a privacy-preserving way, to improve medical research and patient outcome. We have the individual components now, but we still need to build the operating system. This is the goal that I am working on.

  • Other possible, non-exclusive futures:
    • Surgeon
    • Practitioner of genome medicine (in the safest way)
    • Engineer for computer-brain interface
    • Developer of data science software
    • Student of languages and cultures
    • Teacher in the rural developing world
    • Violin and tango instructor
    • Sichuan cuisine chef
    • Monk
    • Devoted family member
    • Space (and time!) traveller