Public journal 2023

To-dos and progress in 2023

Thoughts about leaving medicine

TL;DR: I am not leaving yet

My principles of entrepreneurship

How to solve a problem worth solving

Engineering my way to Engineering

Reflection on my engineering journey at Cambridge

The myth of being self-made

Without the support and inspirations from others, I will never be where I am

Let's be emotionally correct instead

We can discuss politically incorrect topics without hurting anyone if we are emotionally minded.

"Futile" discussions

We cannot find most solutions through discussions.

Possible futures

Instead of one single mission, I would like to think of my “passions” as many possible futures that I want to live in. Here is a list of them: Digital Healthcare architect Building a data-driven healthcare system integrating multi-omic, clinical, and lifestyle data, in a privacy-preserving way, to improve medical research and patient outcome. We have the individual components now, but we still need to build the operating system.

My first paper

My first paper is now published. It has been more than four years since I started on this project and I am thrilled to see its fruition. I remember asking myself this question in the year leading up to A levels: if I have only one year of life left, would I still want to work on this project? The answer was yes. As workaholic as it may sound, I hope my life could be part of some bigger cause - like improving the diagnosis of genetic diseases in this case.

How I read history books

I divide history reading into two categories: micro and macro. The best example of macro history books is Homo Sapiens which is full of mental models applicable to different historical contexts and therefore our times. Microhistory include books that focus on individual experiences (like fictions), and they are used as wisdom-training tools. When reading these books, I pause and reflect: given the existing data, what would my next action be if I were the protagonist.