Let's be emotionally correct instead

Political correctness distorts our reality. It does not help anyone.

We can discuss politically incorrect topics without hurting anyone if we are emotionally minded.

Before discussing these topics, we can build as much consensus as possible. This includes the purpose of discussion, consensual facts and common values we all uphold, and the emotions surrounding the topic. This helps us to remove the existing biases associated with the sensitive topics and encourages people to focus on the problem, not position.

Any discussion about group differences can sensitive. Therefore, before discussing them, we should establish:

  • why we are discussing them:
    • if our end goal is to ensure everyone has the best opportunity to succeed, we need to recognise potential differences to personalize our education, healthcare, social services to ensure equity
  • consensual facts:
    • any differences in group average are likely to be much less than the differences within groups
    • the category of discussion is only one factor of a much complex picture
    • the category of discussion is potentially a social construct and are never deterministic of individual outcome
  • common values:
    • we all share values such as social justice, fairness, and truthfulness
  • emotions:

I have found such conversations effective on many occasions. Such conversations are getting rarer and rarer on the internet: we are compelled to self-censor, to state our positions in echo chambers that support us, and to argue for agreement, not understanding.

Let’s be emotionally correct instead. Beneath our different political inclinations, we will find shared humanity and values.


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