Book review: Show your work

How strongly I recommend it: 9/10

A great book summarising the main arguments why you should learn in public.

  • Why should one show their work
    • Audience is eager for process
    • Getting feedback helps with the creative process
    • Artists can gain financial independence
    • We are all amateurs - you do not have to be an expert to show your work
  • How should one show their work
    • Focus on producing great work
    • Produce content daily - the process
    • Explore different possibilities
    • Focus on one channel
    • Do not be afraid of failing - given our mortality, “you are already naked”
    • Have your own base - social media can go obsolete
      • Use your social media as “flow”, but collect the flow into “stock”
    • Think “self-invention”, not “self-promotion”
    • Give credit and give links to people with credits
    • Know the structures of story-telling and tell good stories
    • Choose the right self-description
    • Create real (e.g. offline) connections with like-minded people
      • Social media is a place to meet, not a place to build relationships (to some extent, just like dating websites)
    • Improve your work with criticisms, and block the haters
    • Build a newspaper
  • How not to show your work
    • Do not post anything that you are not prepared for the whole world to see
      • “post as though everyone who can read it has the power to fire you”
    • Do not hoard
    • Do not single-mindedly promote your work without learning from and sharing others
    • Qaulity of followers > quantity
      • Followers easy to gain are also easy to lose - Yihui Xie
    • Do not ask people to follow you
    • Stop doing things/meeting people that drain you
    • Do not share things that are too close to you to be exposed to criticism
    • Do not indulge in the fame and forget producing great work.

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