Let's be emotionally correct instead

We can discuss politically incorrect topics without hurting anyone if we are emotionally minded.

Book review: Show your work

Learn in the public; share your progress

Tips for publishing your first document with bookdown and RStudio

I have just published my first document with bookdown and I am feeling euphoric at the moment. Somehow this gives me a very different satisfaction as compared to creating just a google document. Yes, they serve almost the same function, but the presentation of a bookdown document is much better. It also provides more functionalities and flexibilities than a google doc. Here are the minimal steps needed to customize a document from Yihui’s guide.

Are we searching for communities or power

TL;DR: look for communities, not just to seek help, but to help others. We are in a loneliness pandemic (in addition to the ongoing COVID-19, of course). To find a solution, I have been very keen on looking for a community, where I can connect with like-minded people and collaborate to solve exciting problems. The idea of community resonated with me particularly well when I watched this video by the school of thought.

Why I write

I started writing daily when I was 16. Most of the writings were just dumping my thoughts so that my brain can be less burdened by them. It is the exact reason why computers have hard disks in addition to RAM. Writing thoughts down is simply a much less costly way to store them than holding them in the mind. It was only until recently that I started to write down my thoughts on my blog and I would like to share why.