Book review: The Modern Medical Student Manual

Rating: 10/10

This is the kind of book that you want to finish once you have read the first page. Chris Lovejoy is a Cambridge medical graduate and physician-data scientist. He shares great content about productivity, data science and medicine on his blog and YouTube Channel so do check it out. This is the book that every medical student should read - the earlier the better.

❓ The material in questions:

  • How to have a fulfilling career in medicine
    • What is your definition of a successful career
      • trail of whys
      • attending your own funeral
    • How to expand one’s impact
      • incoporate soomething you like
      • work on self-directed research projects
    • How to cope with down time
    • When and how to leave medicine (consciously)
  • How to be an effective medical student
    • How to study content effectively
      • spaced repetition
        • flashcards
        • periodic review system
      • understanding
        • question-based learning (what this review is about!)
        • Feynman method
        • active recall
      • remove distractions
      • weekly reviews
      • memorization techniques
    • How to learn clinical skills effectively
      • goal-oriented
      • break down the game
      • communication skills
        • role model
        • teach
        • write

What I love about this book how Chris presented his advice. Reading it is like having a coffee with him, listening to his seasoned advice and then receive a recommended reading list to explore these ideas further. He wrote his book for his sister and how I wish I had a brother like him! But fortunately he published this book, use it well.

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