Am I overthinking

It feels a bit strange to write a post on overthinking because then I can be accused of overthinking about overthinking :P

This question stems from the observation that my conversations seldom end after talking. I always take pleasure in writing down the sparkles generated in the conversation and producing more thoughts afterwards. I realise that my dad loves it, too - he always writes to me essays after some kind of discussion. If anyone is interested in running a genetic study on overthinking, we will be happy to donate our blood… yes, we reached this conclusion after pondering for hours (just kidding)

Overthinking can be a bit frustrating sometimes. It means that I am more prone to clinging to the past. I found myself habitually saying “hold on… let me think what the take-home message of our chat is” when my friends were trying to end the conversation. This is a quirk that I am working on to change.

Am I overthinking it? Well, I need to think about it a bit more and let you know.


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