The pursuit of happiness

Recently, I have been facing a number of issues. But instead of focusing on each problem, I have realized that it’s more important to focus on things that I can control to maintain my happiness. To help with this, I created a checklist of things that make me feel happy, such as maintaining healthy sleep hygiene, eating nutritious food, exercising, socializing, managing tasks, and meditating. I remind myself that if I haven’t completed everything on the checklist, it is futile to focus on any external problems. It’s true that some opportunities or relationships may not have worked out, but if I focus on my checklist, I will eventually enjoy the present more and be better prepared for the future. More importantly, I can live a good life without relying on any one thing in particular.

It’s important to remember that everyone has problems, and it’s a privilege to be able to devote our time and attention to them. As we take on more responsibilities in our personal and professional lives, others’ priorities might take over. In either case, life is too short to focus on negatives. Instead, we should focus on what makes us happy - to pursue things we love and surround ourselves with people who care about us. Even though we might inevitably experience pain, it is still a choice whether to suffer from them, or simply to appreciate what life has to offer. Life can be that bitter expresso, but someone would enjoy the fragrance that comes with the bitterness.


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