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Rmarkdown and markdown notes

This contains notes for Rmarkdown and markdown. All notes for markdown are generally applicable for Rmarkdown. markdown Footnote Rmarkdown Markdown extras Adding toggle <details><summary>toggle title</summary> toggle content </details> Image quality knitr::opts_chunk$set(dpi=300) Share html report A report should be self-contained. In xaringan, set self_cotained = TRUE in yaml and download html with Chrome, not Firefox. For DT, downloaded html from browser does not work - see here.

The bright side of plots (R plot notes)

Font Font size Font format (e.g. subscripts) Font family Combine plots Helpful packages: Colours 3D rendering Rough plots It will be useful to consult Rmarkdown notes because I often use Rmarkdown to render ggplot. Font Font size Global adjustment (e.g. the default font size is small when rendering with Rmarkdown with ) theme’s basic size See individual adjustment here and also in this RStudio2021 conference talk and this