Derek Sivers

Book review: Hell yeah or no

Rating: 10/10 It was a second masterpiece written by Derek. Don’t let the word masterpiece deter you since it was written in such an approachable way. To continue with my analogy with Confucianism last time, this book is more like 论语 (Analects of Confucius). So different from Anything you want which is centred around Derek’s entrepreneur journey, this book is organized in different themes. As I read through Derek’s reflections in the book, I can’t help reflecting on my life:

Book review: Anything you want

Rating: Life-changing After reading this book, I simply felt touched. I love how Derek simplified the whole entrepreneurship business into one phrase: creating happiness for you and your customers. It is that simple. This is a book written for the purest ideal in everyone’s heart. It also has the power of transforming that idea into practical actions that make a difference to the world. In Confucianism, he seems to have achieved the state of Junzi(君子), someone who projects his positive energy to benefit the society and cares more about the virtue, Ren (仁), than personal gains.