How you can help me

Wow, you actually visited this page. OK. I am touched. Thank you for being so kind.

No one is an island, and I would very appreciate if you could lend a hand for the following aspects of my life - whether you have any ideas, or connections, or some extra time - I would be very eager to hear from you. I can be reached at timingliu[at]outlook[dot]com with the subject [Website].

First thing first

But first, let’s make sure you know how I can help you.

Possible futures

These are the big pictures that I am working on and I welcome your ideas and/or collaboration proposals to push these forward.


The following are areas that I have identified:

Help me know myself

Even if you are a total stranger, I would appreciate if you can let me know what is your impression of me through this website. If you are already a friend, great, I cannot wait to hear from you!

Training in the US

I am keen to undergo some form of medical training (elective/residency/fellowship) in the United States because I want to understand how the healthcare system works (and where it does not work). I also want to collaborate with the leading research and innovation teams across the pound. Therefore, I will appreciate any introductions to such opportunities.

I am keeping options open regarding where to practice medicine (and I may be a nomad after all), but getting exposed to a different healthcare system will be exciting.

Expand my life

Like Richard Feynman, I believe that the intellectual height that one can reach is not compromised by following one’s curiosity for experiences outside academia. Therefore, I am keen to travel and try out new things. The current wishlist includes African safari, Jerusalem, skydiving, gliding etc. Let me know if you have any recommendations for the list and/or want to explore these together.

Improve my skills

I have identified following areas for continuous improvement. Looking for a coach or just a learning buddy :)


I wonder what is the best way to delegate work so that the receiver can handle the job well and grow from the experience. I am also keen to know your experience working with assistants for business or household work.

Romantic relationship

I am going on dates now because it is exciting and fun. My thoughts about romantic relationships are here and I am happy to know more people and get introduced.